Hello, and welcome to HADA MADRINA (Fairy Godmother), school of art, sport and world circus, an after-school community center, in the quiet fishing/surfing village of Jiquilillo, Nicaragua.Hada Madrina is a volunteer drive initiative committed to bring art, education, creativity, and a sense of community to the local children of Jiquilillo.


There is just one elementary schoolfor hundreds of children. The school lacks school supplies and activities. The classes take place from 8am to 12am. After the four hours of lessons the children of the village are left to themselves until the evening when their parents are back from fishing. So what can they do from noon until evening ? Nothing.


Without Hada Madrina, many of the Jiquilillo children would not have the opportunity to explore their creativity, discover their passions, and eventually reach their true potential.


Art, sport and learning foreign languages ​​are not a luxury nowadays, but a right for all. These are the essentials to offer an opportunity for the children to have a future in today’s world.

The participation of the children in pleasurable and educational activities is a very effective way to keep them away from crime and drugs, a major problem touching many young people in Nicaragua.


Life is lined with diverse ways and roads... If none of them are lined with colours, laughter, exchange, joy, discoveries and sharing, we can end up on the wrong path and just drift with the flow.