Just as Hada Madrina depends on the energy and enthusiasm of its volunteers, it also relies on monetary contributions to keep this project alive and provide this children with opportunities they will remember for the rest of their lives.


Culture and education must not be luxury! It should be part of every child’s life, and in order for children to have the ability to build their own future, they need creativity, education and care - a base, which is facilitated and supported by HADA MADRINA.

With your financial support it can continuously be ensured that children and young people around Jiquilillo can benefit from free leisure activities with adequate material as well as it can further expand its offerings and be maintained properly. 

Therefore, we look forward to any contribution, which will in its entirety be directly forwarded to the project HADA MADRINA for School materials, Art and Craft supplies and Sport Equipment.


We would be very happy if you supported the project HADA MADRINA and passed it on.

Thank you.