ACCOMODATION : Basics at the Community (Free for the volunteers)


-A school bus was transformed to accommodate the volunteers (6 bunk beds and a kitchen)
-For nature lovers there is the opportunity to camp or to sleep in the hammock
(There is no water in the village; a water well was built, sometimes it does not work, so be ready for a funny bucket shower :)




-Based on the community life each person has their own turn of cooking for all the volunteers - costs are shared or you can decide for yourself to do your own shopping and cook apart.

-(There is possibility to buy food in the village: fruits, vegetables, meat, fish etc,
or in the next city in Chinandega 1.30h by bus – busses are not frequent)
-Drinking water is delivered daily by a tanker from the city. A contribution of 15 cordobas is asked per day
[approximately 0.50 cents]



-Minimum of 2 weeks attendance is required

-Living in the community requires some household tasks (cleaning, …)

- If possible, for all the volunteers who are coming from their own country and their first destination is Jiquilillo, before leaving request your family, friends and neighbours for donations of new or used equipment (it is appreciated, thank you). Ask for more informations.




Surfing; Fishing; Trekking Cosigüina volcano with a local guide;

courses of Spanish (basic level);

visit the project of protecting turtles;

boat tour to the mangroves and visit to the fincas