The project


History of the Project


Hada Madrina was founded in 2012 by Celine Wintenberger, a French native who, at the time, was traveling through Nicaragua.  Celine instantly fell in love with the beautiful ocean-side setting and warm-hearted people of Jiquilillo.  The lack of creative and artistic outlets for the local children inspired dreams of developing an after-school community center in the small village, which Celine immediately set out to do.  Investing her own money in the project, Celine bought a piece of land in Jiquilillo, as well as an old school bus to be converted into a unique and imaginative home, complete with all the necessary amenities.Upon purchase of the property and bus, Celine began soliciting the help of volunteers from all over the world to help turn the HadaMadrina dream into a reality.


Hada Madrina Today

Since Hada Madrina’s beginning in 2012, the project has made incredible progress, thanks in large part to the many volunteers who have donated their time, energy, effort, ideas, and resources.  The community center now offers children a variety of activities to take part in, including a climbing wall, slackline, ping-pong table, basketball hoop, playground equipment, and an outdoor covered classroom & learning center. Each day, after attending school, the local children of Jiquilillo come by Hada Madrina to learn, play games, develop new skills, create arts and crafts, or simply hangout and enjoy the company of the Hada Madrina volunteers.


The children and their family are very enthusiastic about  the leisure projects, and therefore happy to welcome the  project.


Additionally, the bus has now been entirely transformed from a means of mass transport to a fully equipped, fully functional home, complete with running water, stove, refrigerator, and six comfortable bunk beds for volunteers to sleepin.A bathroom and shower facility has also been constructed so that visitors can enjoy all the modern amenities of home while volunteering their time in Jiquilillo.