Volunteers Needed

The Hada Madrina community project thrives on the energy, creativity, and initiative of its volunteers.  Dynamic, independent, and outgoing volunteers are always welcome and are asked to commit to at least a two-week period, which should be arranged in advance.  All volunteers will be given a bed to sleep in and access to the kitchen, however everyone who stays shares the responsibility of providing meals and cleaning up after themselves.  Due to space limitations, only 6-10 volunteers will be accepted at a time.  Volunteers in the following areas are needed for 2013-2014:

·         Seasonal Project Managers to help keep HadaMadrina alive year round ;

·         Volunteers to build a cement skateboard park or mini-half pipe ;

·         Rock climbing instructors for the climbing wall, Basket, Ping Pong ;

·         Slackline experts for the slackline,Skateboard trainer ;

·         Circus instructors (jugglers, acrobats, poi ,diabolo ,hula hoop) Gymnastic,Yoga, Dance ;

·         Arts and crafts teachers (Painter,Designer,Jeweller,Seamstress,Sculptor woodwork,Photographer,Musician,Theatrical trainer,Mosaic artist, etc.) ;

·         English teachers ;

·         People with ideas, ideas, ideas!  All ideas are welcome if you would like to offer some other course or activity !



I appeal to YOU: artists, athletes, teachers and creative persons to come and share your knowledge, ideas, motivation and give your support to the children and the teenagers of Jiquilillo. I can assure you, their capability and desire to learn is impressive. Being part of the project and spending time with the children, the villagers and with each other brings not just them, but for all of us  a life-long joy and experience.